Week #4 – Halloween Post

Halloween Time hits Main StreetCreative Commons License Loren Javier via Compfight


Twas Halloween night, when all through the haunted house

Not a spirit is sleeping, not even the one of a mouse;

The zombies were hung in the trees with a scare

In hopes that their King soon would be there;


The ghouls and the ghosts were all moaning in despair,

While visions of their own death were haunting them one more;

With the witches in their hats and I in my mask,

Had just gone out for a fun fall bash;


When out in the street it became such a clatter

Because the vampires had just been biting one another.

Away to my house to flee from the disaster,

Tore open the door and hid in the trash.


The full moon on the breast of the new-fallen leaves

With the coyotes a-howling and the forests beneath,

When what to my opening eyes should appear,

“It was all just a dream,” mom said, “dear.”

8 thoughts on “Week #4 – Halloween Post

    1. Sup Lily,

      Thank you, that is so kind of you to say. My poem is based on the ever popular poem “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.


  1. Hi,
    I am Naho from the group/class blog Hongwanji MS ELA in Hawaii, United States. You are such a great writter. I love your poem/story! I also love the Mickey Mouse pumpkin picture. Do you celebrate Halloween? Oh, and this is the link to my blog, you can come check it out.


    Thank you,

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